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Survivor's journey

The foremost need is to provide free or affordable medical treatment. There are virtually no government or charity hospitals with intensive care facilities for treating serious burns cases (not to mention acid) except a few in large cities. The number of burn cases is staggering and few can afford treatment at a private hospital.

Critical Medical Stages :

  1. Initial assessment/ examination by a doctor
  2. Getting admitted to burn Intensive Care Unit or burn ward
    - Initial medical treatment (stabilisation, dressing)
  3. Treatment during critical period in burn ward
    - Skin grafting, trauma control, physiotherapy, high protein diet
  4. Healing in sterile environment
    - Physiotherapy, dressing, trauma control, high protein diet

Secondary Medical Stages :

  1. Physiotherapy (to maximise healing)
  2. Reconstructive surgery

Non-Medical Rehabilitative Aspects :

  1. Psychological counselling and support
  2. Social rehabilitation
  3. Vocational training and therapy
  4. Legal Support

Special Needs of Burn Patients :

Acid burns are extremely serious; they melt human flesh and bone causing severe pain. An acid survivor may spend months recovering in hospital following painful surgeries and regular monitoring; full recovery could take years. Often permanent discomfort is felt including tearing of eyes and harsh effects of the sun.

Firstly, sterile environment is essential due to weakened immune responses of the victim inhibiting human cell regeneration.

Secondly, physiotherapy is essential - to prevent or minimise burn contractures. Without physiotherapy a patient’s chin can fuse with the chest, hands can twist into a fist, the forearm will bend into the upper arm, and skin, muscles and ligaments in joints can contract.

Thirdly, Suitable diet is required with high amounts of energy and protein for the body to synthesise new cells (skin, blood vessels and muscle tissue). Failure to provide burn patients with sufficient nutrition decreases host resistance to infection and causes cellular dysfunction. 

It should be remembered that status quo ante in physical appearance of victims is seldom achievable.

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